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About Us
Aqua Technology of Wyoming Inc. is setting new standards in wastewater systems and the economical treatment of industrial wastewater. With corporate offices and manufacturing facilities in Casper, Wyoming, we specialize in ET-1 Activated Clay and other industry-specific products, wastewater treatment systems and services for the remediation of contaminated water. Working with Aqua Technologies of Wyoming begins with a personal consultation between you and one of our sales people. After the consultation, we will test your wastewater stream with our systems in our Casper, Wyoming manufacturing facility. It is wise to remember that some dangerous contaminants in water are not easy to detect. Accurate water testing is needed to determine safety, quality, and to identify the need for the specific type of water treatment technology most efficient for the detected contaminants. Third party laboratory analysis will confirm the contaminants. While your company will pay this step of the process, options include using one of our third-party laboratories or a laboratory of your choice. The waste stream test and advice are free! Next, for a nominal fee, Aqua Technologies of Wyoming can bring a small scale treatment system to your facility where we can perform a slip stream treatment test of your particular waste stream. If we treat your water to required discharge specifications and your company purchases a system or utilizes our services we will refund the fee charged for the slip stream test. Following a successful test, your company has the choice of either purchasing the system and ET-1 Activated Clay to treat your stream or hiring Aqua Technologies of Wyoming Inc. to treat your stream for you. For no up front cost, Aqua Technologies will provide the system and operational personnel. Your only obligation is to pay a fixed cost per gallon or barrel of water treated. We guarantee the results and, if there is a fine, we pay it!
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